Why Your Fashion Blog Isn’t Getting Any Traffic

fashion-blogFashion blogs certainly aren’t a new concept, and many of these bloggers have achieved tremendous popularity and have risen to become some of the most influential people in the fashion world. Some of the most successful fashion bloggers have created their own clothing lines, landed in the pages of the magazines they once so admired, and many of them have turned their simple blogs into multi-million dollar businesses.

While there are plenty of inspirational success stories in the world of fashion blogging, there are many more sites that don’t work out and never get off the ground.

If you’re finding that it’s a struggle to make money from your blog and you have an issue driving enough traffic, the following could be some potential reasons that might be the case.

You Don’t Post Enough

If you want to turn your fashion blog into something significant and influential, it can’t be seen as a hobby. You need to put the time and attention to it that other top bloggers have, and that means you need to post as often as possible.

The people that have been most successful in blogging are not only active on Instagram and social media, but they’re constantly feeding their readers new content. Your readers need to know what to expect from you and when to expect it, and if they can’t get that sense of consistency, they’re likely to go elsewhere.

You’re Not Focusing on SEO

When you think about great fashion blogs, you might not automatically think about technicalities like SEO. Instead, you might only think about the clothes and the creative direction you want to take. Unfortunately, that’s not all that goes into creating a money-making website.

You need to be smart with your SEO strategy and target the right keywords to ensure you’re driving not just visitors to your site, but the visitors you want.

Your Site Isn’t High-Quality

The fashion niche is highly competitive, and while there are great opportunities to succeed, that level of competition makes it easy to fail as well. Even novice fashion bloggers can have beautifully designed sites, perfect edits, and flawless photos, so those are things you need to have as well.

Don’t just throw an outfit together, snap a picture and assume you’ll get traffic.

To compete in the fashion blogging niche, you’ll need to take your time with every post and every photo. The outfits can’t just be great, but the writing needs to be stellar as well.

If the site doesn’t feel immediately well put together, there’s no reason for people to keep visiting.

Additionally, focus on what you can offer in terms of quality, rather than what you can’t. Maybe you don’t have a professional-quality camera, but that doesn’t mean you can teach yourself the art of amazing editing, or perhaps the way you stand out is through excellent writing.

As a final note, when you’re a fashion blogger you need to patient, but also obsessed with the numbers. It will take your time to grow your traffic, but make sure you’re  monitoring your numbers to see where you’re improving and where you can do more work to reach your goals.